Our complex is situated in an approximately 3Ha enclosure on the banks of the river Bintang Bolong, the largest tributary of the River Gambia.

On this part of the river the tide level changes by more than 1 meter, so that at high tide well over half of the camp is flooded. The majority of the lodgings are built on stilts amongst the Mangroves where wooden jetties provide docking facilities.

The complex was completely rejuvenated at the end of 2004, whereby emphasis was put upon traditional building techniques using indigenous materials such as Mangrove wood and clay bricks.

Mosquitoes aren’t such a pest in Bintang due to the high saline content of the River Gambia, of course the sleeping accommodations are protected from insects and vermin with mosquito nets.

The central attraction is our River Restaurant with its large terrace from which you can experience incomparable sunsets.

There we serve cool beverages with the best of local and international cuisine, whereby we highly recommend our speciality of fresh fish dishes.

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