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Land of Sun, Water & Green

Bintang Bolong Lodge

Lodge / Restaurant / Events / Recreation

Discover nature, explore the area.

Due to the Lodge’s location in the middle of a mangrove forest, visitors can experience the exceptional flora and fauna of brackish wetlands. As the flood retreats the receding waterline exposes countless creatures such as crabs and mudskipper caught in the sludge of the river bed. In the evening apes and vultures inhabit the overwhelming Baobab trees, and after dusk great colonies of fruit bats can be seen swarming into the night.

Our spacious restaurant terrace offers the unique opportunity to observe the diverse wildlife in and around the river. As well as flying fish and numerous types of bird species, with a little luck, you might just catch a glimpse of pelicans and passing dolphins. Small crocodiles, basking in the sun, can be found just a short walk away. The beauty and tranquillity of this spot will captivate and delight you.

Whilst we will do our utmost to make your sojourn a pleasurable experience. To achieve this goal we have based our philosophy on strict guidelines in harmony with this untarnished environment. The Bintang village and the Bintang Bolong Lodge welcoms you and your family into the nicest envioronment in The Gambia.

Lodges & Cabins

A Place to Unwind

Bintang has at present 700 inhabitants, whose main sources of livelihood include rice, peanuts and vegetable farming. The village is divided into three Kabilos (zones): Ceesay kunda, Manneh kunda and Jobateh kunda. Each Kabilo is alternatively responsible for the entertainment of the guests of the Bintang Bolong Lodge and provides an equal amount of employees. Their earnings are spent on development of the zones.
  • 18 lodges
  • Bathroom & Bedroom
  • Quiet Location
  • Full Comfort
  • Mangrove & Wood


Bird watching

The Gambia is famous for its variety of  birds with over 550 species recorded. Bintang Bolong is surrounded by mangroves and has an adjacent forest and savannah area. These various habitats support a huge range of birds, including kingfishers, parrots, hornbills, finches, owls and many more.  Join us on the walking tour, and see how many you can spot.

Price: D700 pp
Duration: 3 hours

Home Cooking

We offer authentic home cooking classes. Learn to cook real Gambian dishes such as benechin, domoda and yassa and discover the secrets of our cuisine. We will cook with firewood and then eat what we've prepared, sharing the same bowl in a traditional manner.

Price: D1375 pp
Duration: 6 hours

Bike Safari

Being on two wheels is a wonderful way to explore the surrounding countryside. Both on and off the road.

Price: D250 per bike
Duration: 2 hours

Nature walk

Leaving the lodge on foot we will point out mammals, birds, reptiles and trees.

Price: D700 pp
Duration: 3 hours



The waters surrounding the lodge are blessed with a huge variety of fish. Try your luck at catching species including croakers, catfish, ladyfish, barracuda and more. Bait and all tackle supplied. We we'll prepare the catch for a delicious candlelite dinner.

Price: D1000 pp (paddleboat)
Minimum 3 people
Duration: 3 hours 
    Price: D1400 pp (motorboat)
Minimum 3 people
Duration: 3 hours 
    Price: D1600 pp (motorboat)
Minimum 3 people
Duration: 6 hours 

Mangrove Trip
Departing from the lodge, we will guide you through the mangroves on a relaxing boat trip. Along the way we will see a large variety of birds. There's also the possibility of seeing three species of monkey, sea otters and, at low tide, crocodiles and monitor lizards.

Price: D1800 (Motorboat)
Duration: 1 hour

     Price: D800 (Paddleboat)
Max: 3 people
Duration: 2 hours 


At Bintang Bolong lodge we want to provide for you the best The Gambia has to offer. So if there are any other excursions that you'd like to take such as Brikama livestock market, Tanji fish market, Abuko nature reserve, crocodile pool or the snake farm at Madina Salam then please let us know and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you.

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Our complex is situated in an approximately 3Ha enclosure on the banks of the river Bintang Bolong, the largest tributary of the River Gambia. On this part of the river the tide level changes by more than 1 meter, so that at high tide well over half of the camp is flooded. The majority of the lodgings are built on stilts amongst the Mangroves where wooden jetties provide docking facilities.

Book direct at the Bintang Bolong Lodge

Foni Bintang Karanai
Western Division
The Gambia

Tel.: (+220)704 3081
Tel.: (+220)992 9362

Schermafbeelding 2021 03 21 om 153922Bintang Bolong Lodge is part of a delicate Eco-system, including many monkeys, rare birds and mongooses. It is for that reason we unfortunately cannot allow any dogs in our restaurant or our eco-lodges. Thank you for understanding.

Social Responsibility

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Bintang Bolong Kitchen

Regional Food

Awarded and sophisticated gourmet kitchen
Own vegetable, herb and spice cultivations
Fish, meat and venison from the local region

Event Location

The Bintang Bolong Lodge area is very suitable for a lot of events. Like a wedding with a nice party. Everybody will enjoy. You can organize this at the Bintang Bolong Lodge!

Event Location

Nice music during a party at the riverside is unforgetteble. Everybody likes atmosphere, drinks and togetherness. You can organize this at the Bintang Bolong Lodge!

Event Location

During sundown everybody will be romantic the best time to relax after a sportiv & active day. You can experience it at the Bintang Bolong Lodge!

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