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D 150

Eggs, Fruit juice, Coffee, Tea, Bread, etc.


D 300

  • Gambian River Shrimps (*) - (as a cocktail OR a salad)(*)
  • Egg Salad (Hard boiled eggs, plain or with celery-mayonnaise)(*)
  • Roasted Chicken (plain or with celery-mayonnaise)(*)
  • Smoked fish plate (*)
  • Gambian river Oysters (local delicacy, marinated)(*)
  • Lasagna (Egg plant)
  • Spring rolls (vegetables)
  • Pizza (Bolognaise or Vegetables)

(*) Served with geen salad or coleslaw


D 400

  • Local Fish dishes (Lady fisch, Butter fish, Yassa, Barracuda)(*)
  • Chicken (Fried, Yassa, Roasted, Curry)(*)
  • Shrimps (Fried with Garlic, Curry)(*)
  • Grilled Fish with fried rice and vagetables
  • Spagheti Bolognaise (or with stir fried chicken)
  • BBQ Beef brochettes with sweet potatoes and vegetables

(*) Served with white rice or chips


Coffee / Tea   D 50
Espresso   D 100
Water (small)   D 25
Water (large)   D 75
Soft drinks   D 50
Beer   D 150
Wine (glas)   D 150
Wine (bottle)   D 900
Stronger Alcohol (shot)   D 200
Fresh Smoothie   D 100